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Enjoy High Skill for All Your Electrical Needs at Your Home or Business

Your home needs a dedicated electrician who can be called at any time for any reason to fix any sort of electrical issues.

Parry Handyman Services can be your electrical handyman from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and offer you the best electrical expertise as per your requirements. Our service is not only excellent as per the quality but as per the price too.

Electrical Wiring Repair
House Electrical Installation

Electrical Installations, Repair & Modifications

Whether you need to install any new electrical line or electrical equipment in your home, you can call the experts at Parry Handyman Services. We are fully licensed and insured electricians with plenty of knowledge and experience to solve all your electrical needs. With 25 years' experience doing repairs, modification, installations and upgrades of new and existing electrical lines and electrical equipment your home or business is our first priority . We offer fully guaranteed work with the added relief of all our electrical services being completely insured for your piece of mind.

New Air-Conditioner Installation

The electrical experts of Parry Handyman Services are available for the installation of new air-conditioner in residential buildings. When you buy a new air-conditioner, you need to install it right to get the best result out of it. We can do it for you. We install the AC perfectly and ensure the best result for you.

Thus, no more wasting of time; Just pick up your phone and call us. We are just a phone call away.

Call Us Now : 0423 475 105

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